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Thermo Design Engineering and REN Energy partner to design first of its kind Renewable Natural Gas plant in Fruitvale, British Columbia


Kelowna/Calgary: November 25, 2020: Thermo Design Engineering Ltd. (TDE) has partnered up with REN Energy International Corp (REN Energy) to create a first of its kind Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) plant in the BC Kootenay region. The new project in Fruitvale, British Columbia (BC) will continue to build on Canada’s green energy economy and will create an immediate economic boost.  


“Our priority has been focused on pioneering sustainable projects, and so we are very excited to partner with REN Energy to bring innovation to the RNG market,” says Sean Montgomery, President of Thermo Design Engineering. “Working alongside our partners, we are creating jobs and boosting the Canadian green energy economy through cutting-edge technology.”


The REN Energy team has been working for the past several years on a method that creates Renewable Natural Gas from wood waste. REN Energy will build, own and operate the facility while energy company, FortisBC, will own and operate an interconnection facility on the site that will connect the project to the FortisBC natural gas transmission system. RNG blends seamlessly with conventional natural gas in existing natural gas infrastructure running throughout the province. 


 “Working with an innovative partner like Thermo Design helps bring excellence in engineering and design to this essential green energy project,” says Phillip Viggiani, president & CEO of REN Energy. “Partnership has always been important to us and we look forward to bringing this first of a kind project to North America.”


The initial derivative of the REN Solution™ is a novel combination of three essential and demonstrated technologies: gasification, gas cleaning, and methanation; integrated in a process that has a uniquely high methane output using cutting edge technology, in a scale and scope never before used.  There are no similar commercial technologies or processes in the world at the scale of REN's first project. The REN Solution™ is inherently clean and safe because the production system is fully enclosed and the process uses 100 per cent of the solids, liquids and gases produced.


Thermo Design Engineering

Thermo Design Engineering (TDE) is a recognized leader of innovative energy solutions specializing in design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of custom facilities. From innovative renewable energy projects to traditional oil and gas fields to offshore platforms around the world, we provide the experience, facilities and people to deliver the most efficient solutions in our industry. Since TDE's inception in 1979, we have provided excellence in engineering, design, fabrication services, construction, commissioning, start-up support and long-term maintenance to the energy industry. Innovation, reliability and excellence are services we guarantee. TDE has engineered and constructed hundreds of oil and gas processing facilities in over 40 countries around the globe. Our experts at TDE focus on our client's requirements to not only meet their expectations but to exceed them.

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REN Energy announces Advisory Board appointments   


Kelowna, BC: October 27, 2020: REN Energy International Corp (REN Energy) today announced its new Advisory Board. The Advisory Board, comprised of three members, will guide the corporation in the overall direction of its business.


“Having an Advisory Board allows us to look at the business in a different light and consider it from new angles,” says Phillip Viggiani, president & CEO of REN Energy. “With this new Board, we can test drive ideas and rely on the value expertise of these esteemed individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise.”


The REN Energy team has been working for the past several years to create the REN Solution that creates Renewable Natural Gas from wood waste. The plant, the first of its kind in North America, will create an immediate annual economic impact in the Kootenay region.


The Advisory Board members are as follows:


Gordon R. Barefoot, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D, former CEO and President of Corix Infrastructure Inc.


John Walker, former CEO with the Fortis Group of Companies.


Brad Miller, former owner of IMW Industries and president of AdvanTec Global Innovations.

Click here for full biographies for each individual member.

News from Fortis BC, April 2020

News from Fortis BC, April 2020

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