Mission & Strategy


REN Energy International Corp. (REN), is the result of six entrepreneurs’ strong desires to benefit the world through their personal motivation, complementary skill sets, and a fundamental belief in the need and business case for green energy solutions. The REN team will provide renewable energy stewardship through the implementation of innovative clean projects with proven technologies that are economically strong. REN was formed in early 2018.  


REN’s global vision is to reduce waste to zero by providing clean energy solutions that incorporate proven technologies to produce renewable fuels from waste. 


The first product is a system to produce Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). RNG will be generated from biomass waste such as hog fuel, sawdust, wood chips, shavings, construction wood waste, municipal solid waste, paper, cardboard etc.

Being derived from wood, and especially wood waste, the RNG product is considered carbon neutral, and potentially ‘carbon negative’. There is no net forest harvest increase, forests will re-grow faster, new jobs will be created, and the environment will benefit from lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The REN Solution

The initial derivative of the REN Solution™ is a novel combination of three essential and proven technologies: gasification, gas cleaning, and methanation; integrated in a process that has a uniquely high methane output.  There are no similar commercial technologies or processes in the world at the scale of REN's first project. The REN Solution™ is inherently clean and safe because the production system is fully enclosed and the process uses 100% of the solids, liquids and gases produced.  

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